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Love. It’s a very complex ideal, with twists and turns. It’s an ideal that is not black and white - it’s full of grays, blues, yellows, and all other hues of the rainbow.

But, when you find love and fall in deeply, nothing quite compares.

A newfound happiness takes over and you feel like you can conquer anything curveballs life throws at you. Not only have you found a person who loves you for you, you’ve found a person who stands with you, shoulder to shoulder. When you find love, you know there is someone in your corner with a watchful eye; your back is always covered.

Experiences like this often lead to one thing - an engagement. After all, it’s only wise to lock down love when it comes your way. And, the only way to lock it down is to find that special piece of jewelry that expresses your love and your intent to love forever – typically a ring.

From custom engagement rings to handmade engagement rings, Honey Jewelry is dedicated to making your search for engagement ring bands, as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Here at Honey Jewelry, a unique San Diego-based jewelry company, we understand our clients, which is why we pride ourselves on delivering a distinctive experience through the art of jewelry. We work tirelessly with our supporting vendors and manufacturers to ensure all jewelry needs are met.

One of our goals is to meet and exceed the demands and levels of satisfaction each individual client expects and deserves.

The Honey staff realizes that a marriage proposal is one of the most memorable times in one’s life, and it deserves an everlasting symbol. That’s why we offer a  variety of different selections to spark ring inspiration, along with unmatched quality and our passion of commitment.

Within our unique product line, our clients have the opportunity to find a ring to complement the love in their heart. For instance, our Nora, Catherine, and Olive engagement bands for her are simply stunning and prone to leave your loved one speechless.  Available in 18k and 14k white, yellow and rose gold as well as platinum, all  of our zero-gap halo rings feature varied center stones. A few more of our favorite custom made engagement rings include, but not limited to, the Elizabeth, Viola, Adeline, and Ella.  

Oftentimes, the stone is the eye-catcher of any custom engagement ring. It’s no doubt; the stone takes center stage, though the band can be an attention-grabber in its own right. In addition, selecting a stone, in our experience, can be one of the most difficult steps in the buying process. There are the oval and emerald cuts; the pear and marquise cuts; and the and princess cuts, just to name a few. All beautiful to say the least.    

Aside from our knowledgeable team of jewelry craftsmen - prepared to answer any questions about our handmade artisan engagement rings - we’re overjoyed to offer our clients fine quality diamonds, as well as carefully selected colored stones.

Typically, we only consider diamonds with an I color or better and stones with a clarity call of SI2  as long as they are eye clean or better. Further, the majority of our diamonds are accompanied by a report from the GIA. We strive to offer only the best in unique handmade engagement rings - we seek to meet our own standards and exceed those of our customers.

Just as the type of stone matters, so does the size of the stone, at least to some.

Each of our custom engagement rings have a specific stone starting size. For example, our Zoey ring starts at .70ct, where as the Catherine and Iva rings start at .75ct and .50ct, respectively.

Moreover, we understand that price parallels stone size. But, don’t worry. No matter your budget, big or small, our trained staff will provide you with a no obligation quote per your desired specifications.

Whether you’re looking for a custom diamond engagement ring with a stone size of 2.00ct or you want advice on stones and sizes suitable for a rose gold engagement ring, we will guide you in assembling the perfect piece of jewelry. Keep in mind, our prices are and will remain fiercely competitive.

Although Honey Jewelry Co is a small business, our level of enthusiasm and service matches that of major jewelry companies. Completely devoted to our craft, it is our pleasure to make certain your first step towards a union is unforgettable. Our remarkable attention to detail results in engagement rings that speak to a timeless quality; they speak their own language, but tell your story as well.

Each and every engagement is special. Your ring should be too, and that starts with a thoughtfully crafted, Honey Jewelry handmade engagement ring. All of our pieces are sure to maintain our internal “We would give it” policy. Contact us today to learn more.


Uniquely Inspired

Our exceptional attention to detail is what we believe sets us apart from most jewelers. We scrutinize and perfect every aspect of each piece so that the details that are obvious are perfect but also the ones that are less obvious, are a pleasure for the wearer to discover.



Thoughtfully Crafted

At Honey we believe that the best rings are the ones with the most thought behind them. Our goal is that every engagement ring would speak to a timeless quality and only have the elements that help to build that story, and nothing else.